The aim of the project is to develop a model for parent training in the field of very early language learning which will enable parents to become their children’s guides in the language acquisition process. In the course of the project we are going to provide parents with training in three areas: foreign language, methodology for very early language learning and developmental psychology.

Currently few children start the language acquisition at very early age (pre-school) and those who do, usually attend school like courses. The disadvantage of such an approach is usually minimal exposure to the target language which keeps the language foreign. Another disadvantage may sometimes lie in the parents’ language and methodological skills. Although the level of motivation of part of the parents is quite high, their ability to transfer the target language to home environment and their everyday activities tends to be limited due to the level of the parents’ language skills as well as their uncertainty how to treat the foreign language in the activities they do with their child. At last but not least, attending good quality courses from very early age and sustaining the attendance can be rather expensive.

Training the parents seems the most fruitful way to maximize the time of children’s exposure to the target language in a natural and also the most economic way. The designed model would be pre-designed by the partner institutions, pre-tested on parents attending Mum, Dad and Me Clubs and/or other institutions working in the field of very early language learning. The real experience would be used to modify the original version of the model. At last the partnership would disseminate the final version of the parent training model.