25 November 2013

Parents involved in PTVELL project had a unique opportunity to attend language courses in order to improve their language skills and thus build self-confidence to use the target language with their children. The following graphs show the progress parents made in the course of the project:



1 October 2013

The International Conference “The Role of Parent in Very Early Language Acquisition” raised an exceptional interest of the media. The country’s broadsheet Mladá fronta Dnes published an article on parents’ involvement in their children’s language acquisition, Czech TV issued a news report about the event in their Studio 6 programme and, more importantly, in their main evening news programme. See the links below:

24 September 2013

The very last encounter of the project participants was held on the occasion of the organisation of the International Conference “The Role of Parent in Very Early Language Acquisition”, which raised an exceptional interest of the media. This international event became an integral part of the dissemination campaign carried out within the project of Parents Training in the Very Early Language Training. To see the conference programme, see below. 



1 August 2013

Hi everyone, here is a brief story of PTVELL project in Italy!

Movie (YouTube)


23 June 2013

The end of the school year 2012/2013 is comming soon and the parents are finishing  Parent training within the English Learning Centre Kosice - Slovakia part of the European project PT VELL .

The parents are filling in  Feedback forms, Quastionaires, submitting portfolios and of course undergoing some final tests. See the phohotograph.


13 June, 2013

The partnership met in Lecco, Italy. Meeting participants discussed the progress of the project during the second training year and planned the final conference. This major dissemination event will take place on 24 September, 2013 in Prague and it will be devoted to parent's role in very early language acquisition.



9 April, 2013

PTVELL project is on Facebook! Join in our discussion or just LIKE our project. See the link or just click the Facebook forum section above. We look forward to seeing you there! 

5 March, 2013

New language focused playgroups in Prague! Choose ones you are interested to attend with your kids and just contact the project coordinator at

5 September, 2012

The second year of parent training activities is just starting in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Italy. Please contact your national coordinators for more details! With us parents can easily become their child's guides in the early language acquisition.

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